Sunday, March 25, 2012

And now for something completely

So there are just some days when you need to reference Monty Python to get a fresh perspective.

My studio is a shambles…I hear snickers from family and friend because yes! When isn’t my studio in some form of chaos? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

So yes my studio is in disarray, a tad disheveled, a trifle congested, a wee bit messy… well here look at the picture.

Perhaps I misrepresented it …a tad?…a trifle…a wee bit?

Have you noticed how different things look in a picture? The depth is all out of whack. It’s like it doesn’t show space just things….I know there is floor in there somewhere…free unencumbered floor ….When last seen in it’s entirety it was wearing a dull braided rug. Damned if I get any feeling of it in the picture though!

Well this all just seems too overwhelming! Where do I start? How do I get any perspective about a jam packed bulging space? I feel so crowded by it all and not very motivated to deal with it. I mean really! am I ever going to get this dealt with when I can’t even imagine it being …..well I’m not so impractical to think it’s going to always be tidy but Useable would be a reasonable goal. Heck I’d be happy to just have it Mostly Accessible!

Where do I get the motivations to deal with this when it feels like it’s all oozing in on me? I’m getting stressed and panicky. I'm swamped. I need some distance!! Some space!!! Some inspiration!!!! (less punctuation?)
I think I’ll just stretch out on the couch and calm down….breath….close my eyes….Yeah that’s better. Just breath……
Ok, now I’m calmer….eyes open….?….? What the?…Hey you have to see this. I have space! Wonderful uncluttered space! See!

Look everything is off the floor. There’s no rug and it all looks spacious and clean and tidy….WOW! it’s magical! I could just look at this all day. It’s inspiring isn’t it. And it’s in my house...who knew!

But lying here upside-down staring at the ceiling all day isn’t going to get the studio beneath it clean is it?

Yes, it seem sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.

Love ya,