Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Company!

Wow! My first post!…………it seem a rather significant moment. I’ve been wondering all week, while I developed the look of my blog what will I say?… What am I doing here?…. Why blog? And just where is that persistent whisper “Karma, you need to blog” coming from.

So while I’ve been getting pictures uploaded to Flicker and thinking of something whimsically pithy that captures the true me for the About Me section I’ve rummage whilly-nilly though a lot of artist blogs. The blogs of woman like me…. you know . . .women of a certain age, who are inexorable moved to creatively translate some inner conception into the world.

My passion is fiber arts/mixed media and primarily needle felting. So basically anything I can shove my felting needles through I do and when a creation calls for other things (we like to call those Found Things in the art world but really isn’t everything? I mean I just found this 200 lb bag of wool at my girlfriends) they will be incorporated by whatever means necessary, and that’s really when the fun starts!

So off I went in search of woman of similar spirit and OMG there is a lush, vibrant, multi talented community of bloggers out there that speak to me on so many levels. I’ve been just struck dumb and that’s not a familiar state for me, as you may learn.

They share their thoughts, humour, talent, creative process and the results of their work.
They take classes, give classes, and share their skills. They sell their work in galleries, art museums, craft shows, and country fairs, on etsy and ebay and the restaurant that support local artist. They make videos how-to’s and host online art shows. They participate in challenges, collaborations and round robins. They contribute comfort dolls to children and battered woman, art works for fundraisers and give away goody-bags of art materials as they downsize their vast collections of supplies. They reach out to each other in support, encouragement and understanding of their creative lives, their personal lives and most of all of their changing lives.

So thanks to all of you for getting out here and living so creatively. You’re glorious and inspiring and I know this is the place for me!

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